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Aug 12, 2019

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No Ideas Original Radio Show 8/11/19 (Special Guest Dot of Dotgotit.com)

No Ideas Original Radio Show 8/11/19 (Special Guest Dot of Dotgotit.com)

Ok, here it is. My interview with DJ ENYOUTEE at the No Ideas Original Radio Show. I think I did an OK job. Definitely dropped the ball in the beginning. Completely blanked trying to make an analogy that I always make in real life. Shit happens. Plus I was partaking in adult activities prior to the interview. Besides that, I had an amazing time. I enjoyed chopping it up with DJ ENYOUTEE as well as Zagnif Nori and Bruse Wane. I gave a little insight into my personal life as well as some business gossip. I can’t wait to go back. I’ll be better prepared next time and party AFTER the interview. Take a listen. ENYOUTEE was spinning heat too so the whole show is dope. Bruse Wane kills some freestyles. Tell me what you think.

1. DJ Tekwun & Craig G – No Question
2. Ras Kass – Grammy Speech
3. Nas – QueensBridge Politics
4. Innocent? – I Continue
5. Masta Ace & Marco Polo – Masta Polo
6. The Cool Kids & The Alchemist – Layups
7. Reckonize Real – Nightmares (ft The Bad Sedd, Nowaah The Flood)
8. Zagnif Nori & Castle Money Beats – Untouchable Mindset
9. Alpha Magneto – Sounding Lethal
10. Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigga The Gambler – On Sight
11. Terrorvanpoo – It’s All On Me (ft Rock Redd, Rockness Monsta)
12. ILL Conscious – In The S.T.R.E.E.T.S. (ft Jay Royale)
13. Rapsody – IBTIHAJ (ft Gza, D’Angelo)
14. Ill Bill – Axe Of Abraxas (ft Lord Goat, Sick Jacken)
15. Flee Lord & 38 Spesh – Kitchen Talk
16. Murs, 9th Wonder & The Soul Council – The Hulk
17. Bobby J From Rockaway – The Collector (ft Killah Priest)
18. Bumpy Knuckles – Go C.O.
19. DJ Muggs & Crimeapple – Tiburones
20. Jamil Honesty – WeOutchea (ft Snotty)
21. Tha God Fahim – Market Cap
22. Skanks & Kyo Itachi – It’s Nothing Worth Having (ft D.V. Alias Khryst)
23. Bruse Wane – Warning (ft Fam-Illy)
24. Celph Titled – Paragraphs Of Murder
25. Fokis & Oh No – Get Down
26. Bruse Wane – Keepers Of The Flame (ft Chris Rivers)
27. The Alchemist – W.Y.G.D.T.N.S. (ft Schoolboy Q)
28. Kenyattah Black – Black Gorrilah Rap (ft Rim Davillin)
29. King Shampz – Arm & Hammer
30. Calig Kontra – Crown (ft Pace Won)
31. WLP & John D. Contradiction – Loose (ft Robbie Zeecs)
32. Mike Titan – Child’s Play

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