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Aug 1, 2019

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Sunz Of Man Ft. Cappadonna & Planet Asia – Medicine (Stream)

Sunz Of Man Ft. Cappadonna & Planet Asia – Medicine (Stream)

It’s been over a decade since Sunz Of Man has released an album. That all changes at midnight with The Rebirth, which ushers in the dramatic return of the first official Wu-Tang Clan affiliated group; one that launched the careers of SOM founders Prodigal Sunn and Killah Priest along with longtime members Heaven Razah (formerly Hell Razah) and 60 Second Assassin!

The Rebirth features guest appearances from Wu-associates Cappadonna and LA The Darkman as well as additional appearances from Planet Asia, 12-O’Clock and Tristate.

Sunz Of Man’s The Rebirth will be released on 8-2-19.

Tracklisting & Credits For Sunz Of Man’s The Rebirth:

1.) ‘Voice Of The Voiceless’
2.) ‘Kingz’
3.) ‘The Sunz’
4.) ‘Tradition’
5.) ‘What Profits A Man’
6.) ‘Food For The Soul’
7.) ‘Medicine’ feat. Cappadonna & Planet Asia
8.) ‘Storm Ridaz’ feat. LA The Darkman & Chi King
9.) ‘Bonafide Measures’
10.) ‘Karma’ feat. 12-O’Clock & Tristate
11.) ‘The Light’ feat. Makeba Mooncycle
12.) ‘Black Saintz’

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