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Apr 13, 2019

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Observe since ’98 – Return of the Savage (Album Stream)

Observe since ’98 – Return of the Savage (Album Stream)

The follow up to last year’s sleeper hit ‘Portrait of a Savage’, this second installment takes us even deeper into the dark and twisted world of Loretta Records founder Observe since ’98.

This time around he enlists the help of LTD ED Magazine Editor Jordan Commandeur to Executive Produce and recruited three of Rap’s best artists to illustrate the cover image of the “Savage” (Cep, Gift Revolver & Stab Master Arson).

Featuring appearances by Al.Divino, Jamal Gasol, 38 Spesh, Haze, O The Great, DJ Chong Wizard, Ralphiie Reese, Sleep Sinatra, Rome Streetz, K Burns, SmooVth, Maverick Montana, Rigz, Codenine, Midaz The Beast, Stoop Rebel Murda, Madhattan, Sonny Jim, Magno Garcia, Prozay, Dapzini, Ty Faris, Mark 4ord & Lord Juco.

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