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Mar 7, 2019

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David & Goliath (King Magnetic & GQ Nothin Pretty) – Kut One (Stream)

David & Goliath (King Magnetic & GQ Nothin Pretty) – Kut One (Stream)

David & Goliath are the larger-than-life duo of rappers King Magnetic and GQ Nothin Pretty, who dropped their debut single, “Kut One,” which is packed with quotables and wall-shaking production.

You can thank the producer/deejay of the same name—Melbourne’s Kut One—for the menacing instrumental that perfectly complements the back-and-forth bars of the two emcees. And there are plenty of good reasons why these two sound so damn good together on this track, and the rest of their forthcoming EP, Slingshots, for that matter.

King Mag and GQ both hail from the city of Allentown, PA, and have toured Europe and the U.S. together multiple times. Not only that, but they’ve collaborated a number of times in the past, most recently on King Mag’s 2018 project, Back in the Trap, with Canadian producer, DOCWILLROB, along with their single, ”Belligerent,” featuring Tom Sav and Twin Gambit, released earlier this year. Anyone who’s seen them live or heard those past collaborations already knew there was something special brooding underneath the surface, and with “Kut One” they’ve brought it to life.

“Kut One” is available now for Instant Grat off the iTunes pre-order for ‘Slingshots,’ which is also available now for pre-order via Bandcamp, Amazon Music, and Google Play. The seven track EP is due out March 29 on CD in limited quantities, and through all major DSPs, via Chopping Block Records

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