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Feb 22, 2019

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Rasheed Chappell Ft. O.C., Vinnie Paz & Ill Bill – Street Corner Sh​i​t Remix (Stream)

Rasheed Chappell Ft. O.C., Vinnie Paz & Ill Bill – Street Corner Sh​i​t Remix (Stream)

As one half of the iconic house duo Masters At Work, Kenny Dope is praised the world over for his penchant for making remixes better than the originals. This is no exception. The gold he and Rasheed struck on the album version of this song is only enhanced with his “Dopemix”.

Recruiting two of the indie scenes biggest names and subsequently best lyricists, this song plays like a Hip Hop heads dream. The tone is set immediately when Vinnie Paz lets off the first round with his signature voice and rugged delivery. This won’t be a joyride, but more like a demolition derby. Next up is ILL BILL who posses one of the most distinct flows in the game and finds himself providing a multisyllabic siege on the track. Each word piggy backing on the last while leading you to the next. Pulling anchor is Rasheed Chappell who invokes some golden era nostalgia to set off his verse. Each word carefully pieced together to provide his “manual” for life on the street corner. As if that’s not enough, the iconic O.C. shows up to lace the hook. A stellar and cohesive collaboration. The chemistry is organic and that truly shines through.


This is the collaboration that many have been waiting for. After teasing the public with O.C. on the hook of “Street Corner S**t” the payoff is close to 100 rounds of high powered verbal ammo. Rasheed is in emcee mode. In many interviews he’s stated how he grew up a fan of O.C. and he puts together a verse with the clear intention of making O.C. a fan of Rasheed Chappell. Rap in it’s purest form, unfiltered and uncut. O.C. tags in with the voice, intensity and prowess that has made him a legend in this genre. He clearly feels the young emcees hunger and is here to remind the listeners how his status was earned. “Degrees” is far from a passing of the torch and more akin to a bridging of the gap. Once again Kenny’s production provides the perfect canvass, classic break beat with his patented drums. Hopefully this is the first of many collaborations between these two.

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