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Dec 26, 2018

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Rasheed Chappell Ft. Daniel Son & Crimeapple – Aiding & Abetting (Video)

Rasheed Chappell Ft. Daniel Son & Crimeapple – Aiding & Abetting (Video)

Rasheed enlists two lyrical sharp shooters to add vivid imagery to this eerie melodic canvas provided by Kenny Dope. Through each verse each emcee recants lessons only learned on the streets or as told by survivors of them. Rasheed’s illustrations of life are woven between each snare and hi-hat. His mix of crime and consequence flows fluidly in each bar.

Next up is Toronto’s native son and brown bag money statesman Daniel Son. You can actually feel the chill in the air as Daniel Son breaks down his verse like a bud of weed. Each word spoken with the conviction of someone recalling a memory rather than reciting a rhyme. His tone and accompanying ad libs lend themselves perfectly to Kenny’s cryptic production.

Last man standing is CRIMEAPPLE, if this were a heist he’d be the getaway driver making sure everyone moves after the carnage is done. His cadence is like a rusty shank yet his wordplay is as sharp as a surgeons blade. While the chemistry between Daniel Son & CRIMEAPPLE is evident on their previous collaborations, the addition of Rasheed’s lyricism and Dope’s production create a cohesive trilogy of rap excellence.

Mercenary Films captures the gritty visuals as they happened in the legendary D.I.T.C. studios. Mercenary has become a real force within in the scene, known for his stripped down artistry and his epic camera work.

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