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Oct 25, 2018

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DJ Filthy Rich – Black Moon 25th Anniversary Mixtape

DJ Filthy Rich – Black Moon 25th Anniversary Mixtape

October 19 marks the 25th anniversary of Black Moon’s seminal debut album, Enta Da Stage. Black Moon, along with their team of the Beatminerz, Boot Camp Clik & Dru Ha, helped to lay the foundation for the golden era of east coast Hip Hop. This album was very influential to me, and remains one of my all-time favorites to this day. To mark this occasion, DJ Filthy Rich decided to put together this mixtape tribute to the NYC legends. Although the album itself was a classic, some of the best tracks were not included on the original version. In order to obtain these gems, you had to buy the vinyl 12-inches (in some cases they were available on CD or tape singles as well). So on this mix, DJ Filthy Rich decided to include the remixes, rare & unreleased tracks, and my own custom blends. He’s also fused together some of the original samples Da Beatminerz used to craft their beats. Press play and get ready to Enta Da Stage.


Shit Iz Real
Son Get Wrec [ORIG + RMX]
Who Got Da Props? [Filthy Rich blend]
Crooklyn (ft Crooklyn Dodgers)
Brooklyn Stylz [Party break]
Buck Em Down [ORIG + Beatminerz RMX]
Ack Like You Want It [ORIG + F.A.P. RMX]
Make Munne
Powaful Impak! (ft Busta Rhymes) [Filthy Rich blend]
Enta Da Stage
Back To The Hip Hop (ft Crooklyn Dodgers) [Filthy Rich blend]
Black Smif-N-Wessun (ft Smif N Wessun)
Niguz Talk Shit [ORIG + Evil Dee 96 RMX]
I Got Cha Opin [LP Version]
U Da Man [Evil Dee RMX]
Six Feet Deep
Murder MC’s
How Many MC’s (ft Biggie, M.O.P.) [Filthy Rich’s BK Mix]
Headz Ain’t Redee (Beatminerz Mix) / Niggaz Ain’t Ready (RARE Explicit Buckshot Mix)
Pen Predatah Etcetera [Party break]
Fuck It Up (ft Rakim) [Filthy Rich blend]
I Got Cha Opin RMX [Filthy Rich 3-beat blend]

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