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Oct 2, 2018

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Big Shug, Milano Constantine & Mic Handz – Boombapism (Prod. by Big Bob) (Stream)

Big Shug, Milano Constantine & Mic Handz – Boombapism (Prod. by Big Bob) (Stream)

Receding from the mainstream and continuously thriving in the underground landscape, “boom bap” is the onomatopoeia that is the creative force of organic Hip Hop.

Orchestrated by visionary producer BigBob, BOOMBAPISM is a devotional homage to the continued relevance of rooted, soulful, energetic and provocative hip hop. The hypnotic beat mesmerizes with layers of contrasting tones and the unique linguistic abilities of the featured MC’s. Milano Constantine’s inherent eloquence on the microphone fuses authentic and consistent deliveries with an undisputable style and tone that distinctly sets him apart. Legendary Big Shug of Gangstarr Foundation, lends his essence with his hallmark flow and slick semantics, cementing the fluidity of the mood. Mic Handz winds up the track with a last burst of structured axioms articulating that BOOMBAPISM is a movement that expresses and frames a vibrant experience.

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