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Jul 17, 2018

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Tragedy Khadafi & BP – Upper Echelon (Stream)

Tragedy Khadafi & BP – Upper Echelon (Stream)

Tragedy Khadafi & BP aren’t about that weak shit on their tough-as-nails new single, “Upper Echelon,” which is brimming with crazy quotables and hard-hitting production.

The brassy banger is also the first track we’re hearing from their much anticipated joint album, ‘Immortal Titans.’ And while this may be the first proper project from the two New York artists—Trag is from Queensbridge, BP is from Amityville—they have proven to be a formidable duo in the past, like on BP’s hard hitting ‘Timeless Music’ compilation.

You could say those previous collaborations lit the fire for joints like “Upper Echelon,” which slaps you upside the head with its brassy, crunchy production. And just as you’re about to feel safe, Trag hops on the mic and delivers line after line of real-talk braggadocio, including “That’s why my pockets is fat, your shit is anorexic” and “Icepick you in the throat with a iller note.” At nearly three decades in the game, you’d think dude would slow down, but it sounds like he’s just getting started.

“Upper Echelon” is the first instant grat track off ‘Immortal Titans,’ which is available now for pre-order on CD and vinyl, and through iTunes, Apple Music, and Google Play. The 14 track LP boasts guest appearances from Nature, Apathy, SmooVth, Rosewood, Hus Kingpin, Ali Vegas and more, and is set to drop Friday, August 17th via Common Virtue Records.

01. Earth Distributors
02. Immortal Titans
03. F#@% How They Feel (feat. Nature)
04. Upper Echelon
05. Prime Time
06. Mastermind (feat. Apathy & DJ Stitches)
07. 4 Her
08. Renoir Repertoire (feat. SmooVth, Rosewood & Hus Kingpin)
09. Talk to ‘Em
10. Story Never Told
11. The World Is Mine (feat. Ali Vegas)
12. Slow Motion
13. The Great Escape
14. Steady Rising
*Vinyl format only includes tracks 1-11

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