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Feb 16, 2018

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Black Milk – True Lies (Stream)

Black Milk – True Lies (Stream)

One week away from the release of his new album FEVER, Black Milk drops “True Lies,” the album’s second single. FEVER is out next Friday, 2.23, via Mass Appeal Records & Black’s own label Computer Ugly.

On his latest single, “True Lies,” Black Milk calls out various forms of institutionalization common in American society. Black specifically challenges organized religion and the education system for instilling false wisdom and false hope: “Teacher, teacher why you keep feeding me false/Information, taught is this a way to keep me lost/Said you’re here to make us brighter, but you keep me in the dark.” The track is comprised entirely of live instrumentation – scratching guitars, droning flutes, and an impossibly funky bassline.

Explains Black Milk, “On ‘True Lies’, I talk about how traditions and institutions are used to keep people from questioning the world around them and from demanding more for themselves. When I made the track, I envisioned a world full of zombies being told what to believe. Only a few come to realize most of what they’ve been taught about and within the institutions, like church, school, and government, around them are lies to impede both personal and collective progress.”

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