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Jan 15, 2018

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Vic Spencer & SonnyJim – Spencer For Higher (Album)

Vic Spencer & SonnyJim – Spencer For Higher (Album)

“Fresh of his feature on the new Twista album and after receiving rave reveiws in Rolling Stone & Pitchfork respectivley is Chicago’s most high the one they call ‘Vic Spencer’ here he teams up with UK’s finest producer on the mic ‘Sonnyjim’.

Spenser For Higher, (a flip on the 1980’s ABC Network crime drama) sees Vic gettin busy with his extra obnoxious forever weeded sense of humour over a set produced entirely by Sonnyjim. Spencer stays calling out the lames and a sense of conflict seems like its only around the corner, turn the corner and hes burnt another bridge, in other words Vic Spencer dont give a fuck. Hes outspoken but not just for the sake of it, he drops plenty of gems along the way

Spencer & Sonny have also drawn in some co-stars in the form of indie favourite Hus Kingpin, Mello Music Groups Verbal Kent & Quelle Chris, along with Vics long time collaborator Chris Crack, they all play their part while Sonnyjim also co-stars on 4 of the episodes. Add to that is a supporting cast line up of Hex Murda, DJ Houseshoes & Big Ghost.

The production certainly isnt a rendition of golden era 90s nor is it cats wearin colour coded braids lookin like venus mumble trap, its unique and carefully curated to compliment Vics one of kind off the wall brand of lyricism.
released January

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