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Jul 12, 2017

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Alpha Faktion Ft. Milano Constantine – The Shining (Stream)

Alpha Faktion Ft. Milano Constantine – The Shining (Stream)

Alpha Faktion, the hard-hitting New York rap trio comprised of Azwun, Kraze ILLA and DJ Enyoutee have officially taken back the reigns of their careers, and more importantly, their art with the recent release of their album ‘Creative Control.’

The perfectly-crafted LP is brimming with raw, energetic Boom bap meant to push back the closing circle of new millennial commercial rap and take both the culture and art form back to basics with no filter, nor filler; even recruiting the legendary Marley Marl to pay homage on “The Lineage.”

On their latest single, “The Shining,” Alpha Faktion, joined by D.I.T.C.-affiliated wordsmith Milano Constantine, are looking for perspective masked by a looming dark cloud. Despite the pressures of life’s ills, the group is carefully calculated, never reaching the point of breaking their moral barometer, but still accepting the iniquities that linger, as Azwun spits “The deafening night’s everyday of my life / Even in daylight, the darkness is hugging me tight,” while Vherbal’s sinister production helps match the tone.

It’s an on-going battle between darkness and light, and on “The Shining,” the three NY-based emcees are looking to shift the balance toward the latter.

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