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Jun 1, 2017

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Hus Kingpin & Big Ghost Ltd – Cocaine Beach (Album)

Hus Kingpin & Big Ghost Ltd – Cocaine Beach (Album)

Check out the latest project from Hus Kingpin with production from Big Ghost Ltd.

“The vibe on this project is flat out what you see on the cover yo…the soundscapes of that 80s crack epidemic. Dirty Money. Reaganomics…dookie ropes n medallions the size of small rodents…Dapper Dan suits…Lamborghini Countaches n Ferrari Testarossas…Miami Vice…Chicks rockin aerobic shit wit colorful thong leotards on top of spandex leggings…Headbands… Let the music carry you away to that time…to a place called Cocaine Beach.” -Wavo

Download the project here: http://bigghostlimited.com/go/ccb/

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