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Mar 28, 2017

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Gee-O – The Experiment (Instrumentals)

Gee-O – The Experiment (Instrumentals)

When 2017 came, GEE-O made it a point to do a few things differently. Last year GEE-O released 3 Instrumental Hip Hop albums with a hint of some House Music and even trap. In GEE-O’s release: The Experiment, he combines Hip Hip with electro sounds. His first 2 songs he brings in that Hip Hop sound with electro. Shortly after that his experiment deepens as he goes into Broken Beat, Dubstep and House only to go back to Hip Hop. Gee-O goes into mixing Hip Hop with Dubstep and Grime. With all the traveling Gee-O has done, it’s only fitting that he should explore sounds with The Experiment.

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