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Oct 7, 2015

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Red Eye – 24 Barbarian Pt. 7 (Video)

Red Eye – 24 Barbarian Pt. 7 (Video)

If you’re looking for gully Hip-Hop that remains authentic while never taking itself too seriously, Orlando-by-way-of-Queens’s Red Eye should most certainly be on your radar. And he drives that point home throughout his newly released visuals for “24 Barbarian 7,” the DJ Tray-produced burner off his ongoing freeverse project.

As you can hear on this track, Red Eye’s balance of humor and bully raps brings to mind what cemented the late Sean Price’s place in Hip-Hop’s hall of fame. In one line, he’s talking about stealing your girl in a ridiculous way, and in another he’s dropping slick references to the legendary Konami code and NES classic Contra (“Up up, down down, y’all n*ggas are contradictions/ Left right, left right/ select to start a sentence”). And in between spitting those bars, you’ll watch as the rapper also known as Fatrick Ewing (lol) gets lifted with his friends and chills in his Ozone stomping grounds.

Whether you know him for his solo work or time spent rhyming with groups The Closers and Infiniti Gauntlet, this much remains true: you need to be paying attention to Red Eye.

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