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Aug 25, 2015

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No Ideas Original Radio Show 8/23/15

No Ideas Original Radio Show 8/23/15

Listen in as DJ ENYOUTEE spins the latest and greatest.

1. Gangrene- Noon Chuckas
2. Papoose- Nothing To Lose (ft A.G.)
3. Method Man- Symphony (ft Hanz On, Street Life, Kash Verrazano, Carlton Fisk, Killa Sin)
4. Dr. Dre & Anderson Paak- Animals
5. Wyld Bunch & Dro Pesci- Criminal Minds
6. Starvin B- The Way You Stink
7. King Magnetic- Status (ft Dj Premier)
8. Windchill- Knockout Remix (ft Alpha Faktion, Apollo’s Sun, Cuban)
9. Nutso- DAMN!!! (ft Napoleon Da Legend, Innocent?)
10. S.I.T.H.- Bake The Dough (ft Mic Handz)
11. Redman- Somebody Got Robbed (ft Mr. Yellow)
12. Dom Pachino- 9 Henchmen (ft Shyheim, Bugsy Da God, Shogun Assasin, Timbo King, Dro Pesci, Sav Killz, C-Rayz Walz, Bronze Nazareth)
13. R.A.W.- 3Gz
14. Ag Da Coroner- Jumpin (ft D.R.U.G.)
15. Dj Soko- Land Mine (ft Rasheed Chappell)
16. Spit Gemz & Chris Rivers- Akuma VS Gouken
17. Royce & Nottz- I Goes In
18. Method Man- Rain All Day (ft Hanz On, Dro Pesci)
19. Cloud City Coalition- Monster
20. Guilty Simpson- Dirty Glove (ft Phat Kat)
21. Lucky Tatt- More Fire (ft Royal Flush, Fame of M.O.P.)
22. Grand Surgeon- Bring That Beat Back (ft Skanks The Rap Martyr)
23. Apollo Brown- Detonate (ft M.O.P.)
24. Drama- When Te Rain Falls
25. Queen Herawin- So Superb
26. Mac Miller- Pet Sounds (ft Sean Price)
27. Mic Handz- World Is A Trap (ft Rockness Monsta)
28. Constant Deviants- End All Be All (Da Beatminerz Remix)
29. SicWitDaPen- That Real
30. Papoose & Dj Premier- Hold The City Down
31. Lone Catalysts- Age Of Aquarian
32. D-Strong- Night Vision
33. Comet- Toast To The Sky
34. QNC- At The Same Time (ft M.O.P.)
35. Jeru The Damaja- Scientific
36. Kyo Itachi & LMNO- One Two
37. Ill Conscious- A West Side Thing (ft Dirt Platoon)
38. Zagnif Nori- The Road

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