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May 18, 2015

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No Ideas Original Radio Show 5/17/15

No Ideas Original Radio Show 5/17/15

King Ra was the special guest on this week’s show.

1. Constant Deviants- IM Still Up!
2. Bumpy Knuckles- Can I Get A Break
3. Fame of M.O.P. – Bird’s Eye View
4. Comet- Accidental Murderer (ft Dvine, Relic)
5. Wildelux- Dog Shit
6. Rockness Monsta- Choke
7. Onyx- Look Like A Criminal (ft Merkules)
8. King RA- No Copy
9. Ray West- It’s All Bad (ft Lord Tariq, AG)
10. M.W.P.- Don’t Try To Front (ft Skyzoo, Ill Conscious, SmooVth)
11. Krumb Snatcha- Tai Chi
12. Wyld Bunch- Cross The Line (ft Dro Pesci)
13. King RA- Slow But Calm
14. MeRCY- Bird’s Eye View (ft Sean Price)
15. Street Smartz & Da God Sunz- 3 Points
16. Estee Nack & Purpose- T.I.M.E.
17. Influence Getem- Uh Huh! (ft Dj E.Diggz)
18. Juxx Diamondz- My Entrance
19. Skanks- Back In Position (Venom Remix)
20. Big Twins & J-Hood- Killzone
21. Camp Lo- Mean Joe
22. Starvin B- Dance Of Death (ft Fel Sweetenburg, Raf Almighty)
23. Jedi Mind Tricks- The Kingdom That Worshipped The Dead (ft Dilated Peoples)
24. Heck Teck- Caught Slippin (ft Cappadonna)
25. Gstats- All The Time (ft O.C.B.)
26. Hus Kingpin & SmooVth- Shooting Gods (ft Killer Ben)
27. Canibus- Concourse P (ft Pete Rock)
28. Milano Constantine- Cocaina
29. RKITECH- Animal Cruelty (ft Juxx Diamondz)
30. Agallah- Lean In The Whip (ft Rockness Monsta)
31. Squeegie O- No Ideas Original Promo
32. William Cooper- Ultimate Spit (ft Young Zee)
33. eMC- The Monologue
34. Drama Sinatra- Live Free
35. Q.U.E.S.T.- Fill U A Cup (ft Wes Studii)
36. Killah Priest- Alien Stars

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