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Jan 10, 2015

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DJ Jean Maron & M-Dot – Jenny (May Be) (Video)

DJ Jean Maron & M-Dot – Jenny (May Be) (Video)

This song is the result of an experience I (Dj Jean Maron) did with M-dot. The topic the beat and the story of “jenny” were the only two elements we had at the beginning. We explained our vision and the story to the video director, we hired an actress then we shotted the video in NYC subway. Once we had all rush M-dot started to write the song to match the footage we had. We recorded the song while M-dot was visiting me in France the week of my weeding. The last step was to cut and edit video to match the lyrics. So the song as really been build starting from the pictures/video, it’s a real performance for a song writer. The result looks like a short movie inspired from an instrumental..or a movie soundtrack.┬áHope you’ll enjoy the experience.

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