Nov 18, 2014

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Dray Yard – Hand Grenades & Serenades (Album)

Dray Yard – Hand Grenades & Serenades (Album)

Hip hop producer Dray Yard from Brest, Belarus just released his first full length project. Album called Hand Grenades & Serenades Vol. 1. It has 26 exclusive tracks featuring over 50 artists. The line-up looks like The Avengers cast: album includes collaborations with Mykill Miers, Dominique Larue, Eff Yoo, Juxx Diamondz, I-Man of Tha Mexakinz, Crew54, Ang13, Rav.P, Willie Stubz, Precise, Makeba Monocycle, Satchel Page, Da Ded Rabbidz, Tek Tha Supah Latin, Frank Knight, Castor Pollux, Bukue One, Deuce Eclipse, Hellz Yea, Gee Dubs, Meen Green, Praverb The Wyse (R.I.P.).

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