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Jul 4, 2014

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Illa Ghee – James Worthy (Stream)

Illa Ghee – James Worthy (Stream)

Illa Ghee’s Social Graffiti drops next Tuesday. The track titled “James Worthy” can be found in the very center of the album, and is key to many of the album’s themes. “People dig my lyrics but I’m not a super star. The same way James Worthy was to Magic and Kareem,” explains Illa Ghee about the song’s title, which hits a personal note tying into the album’s overarching theme of finding art in things overlooked, undervalued, or taken for granted, by the masses. According to Illa Ghee, “Most people look at graffiti and see it as trash. They don’t see the art, or the letters in the art. I feel like for Hip-Hop it’s the same thing… people don’t hear the beauty in the art form.”

“James Worthy” is an understated track that fits the subject to a tee. Illa Ghee describes his m.o. over an ethereal vocal sample accompanied by crisp snares. The song doesn’t have a hook in the traditional sense, but rather interjects bursts of commentary from games the legendary Lakers player performed in, adding dramatic flair to the track.”

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