Jun 15, 2014

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Your Old Droog = Nas (Maybe Not?)

Your Old Droog = Nas (Maybe Not?)

Yes. It has been confirmed or at least that what Droog’s Twitter account says. Your Old Droog is an alter ego for Nas. Now that it’s sorta kinda confirmed. Take another listen. Update: That is possibly a fake Twitter account but the so called real one doesn’t offer any answers either and is also brand new. Update #3: I just got a phone call from a very trusted source saying they have information that Droog IS NOT Nas. Although this comes from a extremely respected source, that person and I still remain skeptical. 

Here is a sped up version of Gunsmoke Cologne with the pitch corrected. Sounds like Nas to me.

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  1. Mo Jones says:


  2. This is Nas. No cat could ever imitate the Og. Especially a non black kid. These kids ain’t been around long enough to know the blackman’s vocal fingerprint, nor the qb lingo or flow patterns… fk outta here. Btw Droog is another word for goon. You have to watch the movie ‘CLOCKWORK ORANGE’..Bingrim, one of the fathers of stripped down samples. Peace

  3. Crusa says:

    Man this is Nas, fuck the bullshit

  4. y’all are fools i know who this is and its not nas

  5. Droog may be friend. But it was a friendship of thugs. Fk that other shit. Btw I’m no fool. That’s Nas. Fk what y’all heard””

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